Injury Again, Bale Out Media Criticized Spain


For the second time this season, Gareth Bale should be back sidelined with a calf injury. For his injuries this time, Bale severely criticized because it is called has no responsibility for his club Real Madrid.
Bale ruled out when Madrid visited the Parc des Princes to face hosts Paris Saint-Germain on Thursday (10/22/2015) pm dawn later schedule livescore website  . The reason is that Wales player calf injury recur.
This is the second time Bale got the same injury, which kept him out in four games last month. However, he recovered for the derby against Atletico Madrid and then helped his country qualify for the finals of Euro 2016.
Well, appearances alongside Wales Bale was the one who later received harsh criticism from the Spanish press. Not against Bosnia Herzegovina, but in the last match of Euro 2016 qualification against Andorra.
At that time, Wales is already sure to qualify and Bale play the full 90 minutes and scored one of two goals without reply The Dragons win. Afterwards, Bale returned to Spain, and only played for 45 minutes against Levante weekend before being pulled out due to a calf problem.
Famous columnist in Spain, Manu Sainz, called Bale really is not respecting Madrid already menggajinya with large nominal.
In addition to the popular TV show in Spain, El Chiringuito, Roberto Morales, called Bale is very irresponsible, while the host, Inaki Cano, accused Bale hide his calf injury from Madrid medical team.
Daily AS, based in Madrid and close to the club, through a special page editor Los Merengues, Tomas Roncero, calling the former Tottenham Hotspur player was not respecting Madrid who had given him a large salary.
“When he was having bad luck, we always support the player so that he cepet recover. But you actually insulting Real Madrid because you prioritize the national team than the club that pays you,” said Roncero quoted as saying by the Mirror.
“Please be a patriot and defend your country, but if your country is already sure to qualify, you do not have to follow the” party “against Andorra, and played for 90 minutes. It really can not be accepted as a Real Madrid player,” he continued ,
“You are worth 100 million euros, man. Now you will not appear in the game melawna PSG and you miss a game like that. You bought to make a difference against PSG, against Bayern, against big teams. But you will not play, because You’ve just played against Andorra. ”
Roncero then comparing Bale with his team mate, Cristiano Ronaldo, who left Portugal squad after ensuring his country qualify for the finals. Ronaldo did not play in the last game against Serbia after he appeared full when defeated Denmark 1-0 FEW days earlier.
“That’s why Cristiano Ronaldo is the best player in the history of Real Madrid in addition to Di Stefano, and you’re just going to be the most expensive player here. No more than that,” said Roncero.
“Madrid is a top priority, if not then you better not be here. Quickly recover Bale.”

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