Google’s Got New Android Boss

Google has the head of Android’s new, Hiroshi Lockheimer. Google CEO, Sundar Pichai announced on Saturday (10/10/2015) then.

Position complete body Lockheimer Google was Senior Vice President of Android, Chrome OS and Chromecast, positions similar to those left by Pichai (SVP of Android, Chrome and Apps). Lockheimer itself is not new to Google bodies. He had joined Google in 2006 and has served as VP ofAndroid before finally being promoted by Pichai to this new position.

Lockheimer will be responsible to restore business profits Android Google decreased, as well as expand it to new platforms, such as automotive, wearable, and the internet of things (IOT). The appointment Lockheimer by Pichai be the first major step Pichai since he served as CEO of the new Google. Pichai replace Google CEO old Larry Page, following the establishment of the company parent Google, Alphabet now commandeered by Page.

In addition to promoting Lockheimer, Pichai also raised two other vice president to a higher position. They are Neal Mohan as Senior Vice President of Display and Video Advertising, and Phill Schindler as Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Operations.

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