Video Death Palestinians Revealed in Social Media

Besieged Israeli police, Israa Abed holding a knife in one hand and cell phone in the other before the sound of gunfire and the woman then fell.

It was not a movie, but the real incidents recorded by the advanced mobile phones of people who happened to pass by and has been viewed thousands of times since it was uploaded to the Internet Friday, October 9th last.

Four Israelis and 25 Palestinians are reported to have been killed two weeks in the latest wave of violence in the region, partly triggered by the disputed ownership of a holy site in Jerusalem.

Social media is now contributing to the conflict there. Video contains a call to fight against Israel now popular social networking Palestine, often spiced animation, songs interesting and Twitter hashtag “Jerusalem Intifada” (Intifada Jerusalem) or the “Intifada of the Knives” (Intifada (with) Knife). Video of violence also immediately uploaded and spread.

This situation could eventually further inflame hatred.

“We’re in a different era, where so many people incited by the publication on their phone and then decided to stab other people or carry out suicide attacks with gas balloons,” said Israeli Security Minister Gilad Erdan.

In earlier Abed incident, Israeli police said the Palestinian woman was treated in hospital after being shot four times because his leg trying to stab a security guard and refuses to let go of the weapon. Many Israelis argue that police actions recorded in the video that was proper and decent.

Some Palestinians circulate news Abed dead, is not hospitalized.

According to the news website Al Wattan Voice, 30-year-old woman called her father before being shot and said “Dad, I do not want to die” so that Abed may actually have given up before the shot by the police. The news report has been distributed to 3,500 times through Facebook.

One popular video others have used group of minority rights is a reason for an investigation by the Ministry of Justice. The video displays a policeman shot dead a Palestinian, suspects of stabbing last October 4th in Jerusalem.

Is a group of Palestinians argue it does not harm anyone, and the police seem to be provoked by pedestrians who seemed to be chasing him.

Similar hoopla came after a Palestinian woman was accused Israel of trying to blow up a car bomb when asked to step aside by the Israeli police in the West Bank on Sunday.

Reconnaissance Cyberspace

Long relied on sophisticated eavesdropping agents and spies among Palestinians, Israel has now responded to the latest violence difficulties are mostly done on an individual basis.

The activists and the Palestinian militant group Hamas complained Facebook and YouTube pages close them due to the Israeli government’s request.

Israeli security sources say is also seeking to expand the scope of a keyword search and a variety of other reconnaissance technology. This, they said, it is important to be able to find the plans of suicide attacks by Palestinians mounted on the social media before its too late.

These reconnaissance efforts, inadvertently, actually assisted by the Palestinians themselves who often take photos “selfie” when doing a demonstration or throwing stones and put the pictures online.