Ways to Keep Your Eyes Beauty

EYE is a reflection of yourself. Just look when you’re in love, from the eyes, what you feel can be revealed. Caring for the beauty of the eyes is also a matter that must be considered. What are the important things to note about your eyes?

Reporting from Boldsky, if the eyes have dark spots, dry, and pale around it, it’s a sign you should pay more attention to eye care carefully. One important thing that you also need to know, not only the beauty of eyes focused on the eyeball only. The area around the eyes is also important to note. There are tips and tricks for beauty care of your eye area.

Vitamins and Antioxidants

If the area around your eyes is dark, this may be caused by lack of sleep, pregnancy, and so on. Vitamins and antioxidants is one way that can be considered to make your eye area becomes lighter-colored.

Healthy diet

A healthy diet is not only beneficial to keep the body, because it turned out to also be useful for your eye area. For example, by eating healthy foods, and fruits.

Many Drinking Water

The hot weather in Indonesia, often makes your eyes dry. The best way is you have a lot of white water to drink.